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How to make yourself sore: Without training for it, go out and run 8.5 miles in the bush. Although not wise, that’s what I did last night as the Grenada Hash House Harriers celebrated their 900th event.

No, not me. Just an image I found on the net. Pass the Advil, please.

Aftermath: Unable to use legs today. It’s another squally day here anyway so I think I’ll just lie in bed and read. You’re not supposed to work on a Sunday anyway.

As for the reading, here is one excellent article that I found this morning… Dealing with a sinking ship. Be sure to check it out!

Note: Rebecca ran somewhere between 11-12 miles yesterday and she is not sore at all. I guess all her hard work exercising pays off, right? 🙂


  1. For my heart re-hab I walk down 35 floors in our condo but not regularly enough. I am up to 8 floors going up. If I don’t do it often enough I find that going down leaves my legs useless 2 days later…different set of muscles.

  2. That sounds like a long hash run. I thought hashing was about the drinking not the running

    • As this was a special event, there were six trails to choose from, all the way from the 10 mile “ball buster” to a very easy and short one. Every Hash group (kennel) is different. Grenada just happens to have a bunch of very athletic folks who like a challenge.

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