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Curious about how our self-imposed 30-day alcohol hiatus went? Rebecca and I completed it without falling off the wagon even once, as I knew we would.

Funny story though… after that entire month with no alcohol, Thursday was the first day I was “allowed” to have a drink. I had actually decided earlier that day to extend my break from drinking even further, although perhaps not quite as hard-lined as the first month. Out of the blue we got a telephone call from a brand new Grenadian friend who wanted to come to visit us on our boat, “with a bottle.” We, of course, said yes and when he, and his cousin arrived, we shared a couple of glasses of rum with them. On Friday we were invited to join them for a bit of a lime and some barbecue, and although there was some drinking going on, I opted to abstain.

Although this didn’t apply on Friday as we were in a bar, we’ve found that the secret to easily abstaining is to bring a beverage with us when we go out. We typically carry ours in a Nalgene bottle or our super-large 52 oz. Bubba Mugs (those mugs Rock by the way, all cruisers should have one). By doing so, no one can actually tell if we’re drinking alcohol or not. 🙂

This morning we’re off with some friends to repeat last year’s feat of climbing Diamond Rock, something that’s guaranteed to be much easier to do without an alcohol-induced hangover!

Liming with some new friends of both the two-legged and four-legged variety! In other news though, we were first chased and then later prevented from returning to our dinghy by a pair of guard dogs that were much bigger and significantly less friendly than these three!


  1. Have you guys ever tried abstaining from alcohol on Monday nights only? Kidding aside, have you ever said we will drink on weekends only?


  2. Despite the pressure the pressure to drink at all times, if your friends can’t accept that you are not drinking, they are NOT your friends. BTW, I have several of those mega mugs, and fill them with ice water. Very handy, and several of mine are insulated, as well!

  3. I am interested in buying one of those Bubba Mugs but I am wondering how big they actually are. Do you have a pic of you holding one for perspective?

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