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With my sister Diane visiting us, we have been eager to cram in as many of the Grenadian sights that we can during her short stay with us. We had initially planned on going for a day sail yesterday but upon waking up, the squally weather made us rethink that decision. For the record, Mother Nature always has the final say! Knowing that there was a good chance that we’d get wet no matter what we chose to do, we opted to go for a walk in the rain forest, a place where you are almost certain to get wet, no matter what the forecast is.

A search of this website will show that Rebecca and I have hiked to Concord Waterfalls countless times. This time however, with access to our friends’ vehicle, we decided to forego the tougher walk down from Mt. Qua Qua and instead, drive to the base of the lower falls, and then enjoy the relatively easy trek up from there.

As it turned out, hiking was the perfect activity choice for yesterday. The rain held off for us, and the temperature was ideal. The cobblestone trail from the lower falls meanders through a variety of cultivated fields, and we all tested our knowledge, trying to name as many of the crops, and wild plants that we could.






After completing the hike, we continued our circumnavigation of the island, stopping for lunch at the beautiful Petite Anse Hotel. If you ever get the chance to visit there, we highly recommend it. Petite Anse offers one of the best views on the island, and along with that, the food and service is first class. It is always worth the effort to get there.

Big thanks to our friends Chris and Chrystal from LTD Sailing for lending us their vehicle while they are off island. We’ve been making good use of it!



  1. Glad to see the vehicle is still running! Looks like a great day for a hike! We are enjoying the rainy cold weather at the Annapolis Boat Show!

  2. It snowed in SK a few days ago and we still have 15 -20 cm on the ground with more in the forecast. So, enjoy the warm tropical rains. I would like to thank you for the blog. As we made our way via the Thorny Path to the Caribbean last winter, I kept reminding myself that you two did it in a slightly smaller catamaran. By going at times when the weather forecast was suitable we managed to not get into anything that was too tough for this fair weather sailor.

    In regard to a previous post, a fellow mentioned he and his wife may not attempt the cruising lifestyle because her knees are bad. Mine are not great and I find the catamaran quite a bit easier to board and negotiate than a monohull. A cat with the galley up would decrease the number of times one has to negotiate steps. My joints hurt much less down south as well. It also helps to maintain muscle strength in those muscles that support the knee. I was advised to engage in strengthening exercises that do not require you to bend the knee. And of course swimming is good too. Maybe this bit of info will help them.


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