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Those that know me well can attest that cooking is not one of my favorite things to do. I am quite certain that I have even used the word “hate” when referring to having to do this task.

The “I hate cooking” mindset has more recently changed to “I don’t mind cooking” though, now that I have been experimenting with making healthy and tasty meals. I like being in charge of what I eat so being the one to cook, gives me that control.

For anyone curious as to what I eat on a typical day, well, that changes pretty much daily. I am not into counting calories. I get asked if I do this frequently and the fact is that I am just not interested in spending my time trying to add up my calorie intake. I do look at the nutritional labels on foods though but, other than that, I simply try to follow the D.E.C. diet. It’s an awesome nutritional plan to follow and I highly recommend it to all those who are trying to eat healthier. So, what’s the big secret with the D.E.C diet?

Don’t Eat Crap!

Seriously, it’s that easy! We all know that potato chips and chocolate cake are not healthy foods. Replace these with some veggie sticks or a piece of fruit and voila! I could give you a list of tips to help you change from an unhealthy diet to a healthy one but it’s really not rocket science. It just takes a bit (ok, a lot) of willpower. You can start by eliminating just one of those unhealthy foods that you eat on a regular basis. Make a decision that you will no longer eat it and stick with that decision. Be strong! After a week or so, add in another, and then another. Don’t starve yourself; just substitute a healthier food for the one you just eliminated. Don’t forget about liquids too. Replace, or at least cut back on sodas and juices and instead, drink water. Limit your alcoholic intake if you drink any at all and try to choose beverages which contain fewer calories.

There you have it! So, what food are you going to eliminate from your diet today?

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