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With our newly-refinished woodwork back in place, I am happy to report that ZTC is starting to look like a boat again and not a workshop. The day before yesterday Rebecca had the opportunity to borrow a tool that I would never have thought of as being necessary on a boat, a portable carpet cleaner.

Our neighbor, Vince, had just finished cleaning his salon cushions and asked if we’d like to borrow his cleaner. Rebecca had already spent several hours scrubbing them and while they looked pretty good, we thought, why not? Using his cleaner, she went through the entire boat (cushions, mattresses, etc.) and the results were excellent. We might have to get one of these ourselves. Vince did say that he wouldn’t leave home without it!


We snapped this pic just before leaving the boat yesterday.


  1. Looking good after all your hard work……..hope a buyer comes along soon

  2. How are ZTC Engines coming along? Did the rebuilder find any thing major?

  3. Excellent tool. Love it when my basement floods. However, there is a reasonable and practical alternative for the cruising sailor; a shop vac and scrub brush.

    Apply the detergent with a spray bottle. Laundry detergent works fine, only about 1 tablespoon/quart. Scrub. Vac it up. Repeat. The shop vac extracts the moisture and the dirt, just the same, just work reasonably small areas.

    Then rinse. If mildew is an issue, use the borax/washing soda/baking soda formula I have mentioned. Vac what you can and repeat if need be.

    I have learned to live with stains; the PO liked white, which makes no sense on a boat you live on.

  4. Oh, I like those baskets under the table. I must add. I just reinstalled my table to finish the same transition from workshop to liveable space.

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