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While Rebecca and I can guess the brand of most production cats fairly easily, the list of monohulls that we recognize right out of the gate is pretty limited. The Amel’s hard dodger and ketch rig makes it pretty easy to distinguish, and along those same lines, we find Island Packets pretty easy to make out too. Most often cream colored, the cutter rigged IPs with their self-tacking staysail lets us pick them out from a distance. It’s also made easier by the fact that we had several friends who cruised on Island Packets. Note that I said cruised, past tense.

While Rebecca and I were working in the Virgins, we heard reports that one of our cruising, hiking and hashing friends had taken ill. I am extremely sad to say that he passed away rather quickly, leaving behind his wonderful wife, and beautiful boat, a 1990 Island Packet 38. The boat was ultimately delivered back to the Chesapeake Bay area where it is now for sale. If things had worked out differently, this is a boat that I’m sure Rebecca and I would have looked at seriously. Knowing the owners as we did, I can guarantee that it was well cared for, and very tricked out!

As sad as this story is, the most significant point is that our friends were out there doing it, living life to the fullest. I’m sure that our friend would like nothing more than to see their boat help some other couple do the same!


  1. “If things had worked out differently, this is a boat that Iā€™m sure Rebecca and I would have looked at seriously.”

    So why aren’t you now looking seriously into it? Feel like you couldn’t live on it due to your friends memory? Wouldn’t you think he’d want his baby to go to people that he knew would take good care of it like you’ve shown with your other boats? Wouldn’t you think he’d like it to go to friends knowing they would make the most out of it? She looks beautiful by the way!

    • The boat is now a couple of thousand miles away and Hurricane Season has started. If it was HERE, we might consider it, but it’s not.

  2. Mike; you may also want to do a search on “Hawk” Evan and Beth from CW have a lot of material on boat shopping plus some good checklists..

  3. IMO, be glad you missed the opportunity. You will end up with a better boat …

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