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While Sunday may be a day of rest for some people, it sure wasn’t for us this past weekend. Rebecca and I took advantage of the lull in our large-project schedule to give One Love some scrubbing, both in visible areas and in spots not normally seen.

Yesterday, we made our third trip to Grenada Marine to visit our precious ZTC. Once again, I am happy to report that all of the work we did to prepare her for her extended vacation is paying off. She looks excellent.

Our reason for visiting was to offload a bunch more stuff and as you can see from the pics below, it was a large bunch! If ZTC were in the water right now, there is no question that her waterline would definitely be a few inches higher. One Love, on the other hand, is sitting a bit lower in the water. That’s OK though because having just left her life as a bareboat, her massive storage areas were pretty much empty.

Yes, those are actual paper books that you can see. I prefer to consult text and guidebooks when they’re in paper format rather than electronic versions.