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This week’s big job (very big) is the davit reinforcement that I spoke of a few days ago. The guys at X-Marine have been fabricating the bits and pieces that they will need and the plan is for us to move One Love to their dock tomorrow or the next day so that they can complete the work.

Once this job is complete, and we have our cockpit cushions made, we’ll be free to head out whenever we wish. Our hope is that we’ll be able to coordinate a sea trial with a trip to Carriacou for the once-a-year hash there. We have sailed up for the event the past two years and it’s always a great time!


  1. On your last picture, is that Each $—350 or is it 1350. And what is that part supposed to do?

    From what little I can understand on those sketches, it looks as though they are only strengthening the first bracket where the davit arm goes underneath the bridgedeck. Presumably there is more to it, such as reinforcing the attachment of the blocks to the ends of the arms.


  2. I sure hope that your backing plates are large to support and spread the load.


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