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On Oct 13, 2008, a little under 2 years ago, we “penned” the first post in this blog. Back then, sailing, let alone cruising, was just a vague idea for us, but we were pretty sure that we would do it. Now, here we are, Blast Off Day!

For the people who have helped to make this come together, we want to once again offer our most sincere thanks. First, to our daughter Cass… you are intelligent, beautiful and talented and we both love you immensely. To Rebecca’s parents… thank you for believing in us. To our families and friends… we appreciate all you have done for us and your support. To our friends at Collin’s Bay Marina including the great staff, Terry, Anneke, Mike, Patti, Paul, Hub, Michele, Hans, Mel, Ian, etc. etc., etc. (the list goes on and on)… thanks for taking care of us Newbies! To S and J, our guardians in the Caribbean, thanks for being such great coaches. And to the supportive and intelligent posters on our blog, we have been both inspired by and have learned so much from you. Gracias!

The last two days have been a blur, with us trying to tie up all the loose ends and complete last-minute projects. We “think” most of it has been done. If not, we’ll deal with it on route. Our plan today, after the fuel dock opens and we can top up our tanks, has us sailing towards Main Duck island. If, when we get there, we don’t think it’s suitable due to lack of room in the bay or unfavorable winds, we’ll continue on towards Oswego. We’ll make our first “out cruising” blog post when we next find some internet access.

Believe in your dreams kids… they can come true. 🙂