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What kind of omen is it that, immediately after completing our de-naming/naming ceremonies, we get stuck in the weeds. Yes, STUCK. So stuck that we needed to get towed out of the weeds. Coincidentally, we had earlier in the day purchased an unlimited towing membership from BoatUS. I guess we were just practicing so that we’d know what being towed was all about.

Video of the ceremony is on the way :).


  1. Name and graphics look great…..Good choice Rebecca

  2. Love the design – the boat looks great! Looking forward to the video of the ceremonies.

  3. The yacht’s logo is really cool. Who designed it?

    (And yes, someone really needs to do something about those reeds….)

  4. Well, you DID get out! And I LOVE the logo! Just remember, it’s and eddy, not a hurricane!
    Maybe the weeds symbolize all those things that try to tie you to the land. You are now free of them and ready to go! Fair winds and following seas to all three of you. Z2C will be a happy vessel.

  5. Love the boat name and logo…

    How great that you just bought the insurance. Had to feel good!! (Well – other than the getting stuck part.)

  6. Agree with the way cool graphics! Awesome!

    Unlimited towing! How timely! Just remember that once you get beyond the Bahamas that it’s really hard to find TowBoatUS. It’s also a bit harder to find thick weeds that will trap you.

    Fair Winds,

  7. I too love the name and graphics. I’m a first time blogger so I hope your travels go well and I will definitely be following your voyages from “The County” Best of luck to both of you, Mark…..p.s. Buena Suerte

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