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We finally took the plunge and ordered the Nature’s Head composting toilet yesterday. We have written about this at length already (do a search if you are interested). My intention is to remove the currently-installed POS toilet and re-task the raw water intake to the soon-to-be-delivered watermaker. It was recommended to us that we could build both the watermaker and the toilet for much less than the cost to purchase these ready-made units, and I don’t doubt that it’s true. What I do doubt is my DIY abilities. I’m sure that will change in the future but for the time being we thought that it made sense to go with units where the R&D has already been done for us.

The cold front has moved on and we’re back to some sunshine today. My plan is, after dropping Rebecca off at work, to head to the boat and do some basic clean up. After doing so I want to assess the job of installing our new LED lights on both the mast and the interior of the boat. I also want to look at what it’s going to take to put our new chartplotter into service. The previous chartplotter was never tied into the radio making the DSC feature not operational. We would like to fix that. On the subject of radios I am still drooling over the Standard Horizon GX2100 Matrix with integrated AIS. Seems like a cool little unit and apparently it also can tie into the new Garmin. We will NOT be buying one though (hides credit card)!

Rebecca with our LED lights from Fiji.