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One of our favorite places on our boat is the trampoline. Nothing beats lying out there on a sunny day in a quiet anchorage.

Today is going to be reinstall-the-trampoline day. Fortunately we took plenty of pics of the removal process for this, and every other item on the boat, so it hopefully won’t be that tough to get back on the boat properly.

Notice that the pic directly above looks a lot more dreary than the top one.
It was taken on a cold day in late October.

After spending some time on the lifelines subject yesterday we have decided that, for the time being, we’ll just remove the deteriorated cover from the existing lifelines and instal them like that. I carefully took some of the coating off yesterday and although it will take some time to remove it all, it shouldn’t be that tough for us to do. We’ll spray them down with some sort of rust inhibitor and see how they work out. If they don’t work out I am considering the synthetic (Amsteel) route. I have been pricing the line involved for the project and I think the materials could be sourced for a couple hundred bucks. I also did some research on the splicing for this line and it looks WAY, WAY EASIER than the double-braid splicing that I am still working on learning. Check out this video, and the other two in the series, to see how it’s done. It’s quite cool actually!

Here is a shot of my first attempt at the Brummel portion of that splice, done on some crappy rope that we had lying around. It actually is pretty easy!


  1. Thanks for posting the video… I went and watched all 3 and I am looking forward to trying it out. Don’t you just LOVE the internet and how all this information is so readily available… and on VIDEO no less. I prefer to learn by watching than reading and so am always happy when something like this is discovered on YouTube.

    • There sure is a ton of good stuff on youtube, along with some crap of course. 🙂

      I just went and bought a few feet of spectra and an inexpensive thimble to try my hand at this in earnest. I bet it’s a lot easier than doing it with the crap rope I used this morning.

  2. Where is the blog on where you bought the hood ornament? Kidding…..I can’t wait for you guys to get off the hard….

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