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Just a bit of advice this morning… do not stay out late drinking dangerously strong rum punch on the evening before you plan to travel. Hangovers do not make good sailing companions.

Today’s destination is Roseau, approx. 20nm down the coast.


  1. Great advise Mike… If only it was given two days earlier :-0 We just needed to tweak it a little for our senerio… Avoid large amounts of wine the night before your sailing lessons … Never the less we aced the ASA101 on Mothers Day… And its on to ASA103 on Father Day. Belated happy Mothers Day to Rebecca. Enjoy your day!

  2. I guess they also contribute to very short blog posts. :/

  3. Good advice. If only we had learned it before an evening on the Willy T…..

  4. Thanks for turning Spot back on.

    It looks as though there is very little shelter there for any wind that is remotely southerly. Probably therefore rather uncomfortable. Just what you need with a sore head!



  5. Hey. I’ve been enjoying your blog and just wanted to say hi

  6. That’s It???!!! Pretty short blog post…….you’re head must have really beeen hurting! 🙂

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