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From the comments I can see how much everyone enjoyed my extra brief post yesterday, This morning I’m going to leave you with one that is similarly brief although not for the same reason. In a few moments time Rebecca and I are going to be leaving the boat to head to Boiling Lake. When I return we’ll no doubt have a million photos to share and I promise I’ll get some of them up here ASAP.

Yes, this is the water in the lee of Dominica as we “sailed” south yesterday.

And when there’s no wind, what better to do than sit on the bow and let the autopilot steer?

We’re currently on a mooring ball in Roseau.
It may be beautiful here but the anchorage is as rolly as we remember!


  1. The Bella hot sauce company is about a quarter mile away past the hotel. They will sell to you wholesale. 🙂

  2. THe calm water looks so relaxing……The one difference between power and sail is, you can never leave the helm and just enjoy your surroundings…

  3. I hope you take the right path half way up this time! 😉


    • If you are referring to our wrong turn, it was closer to the end than the middle. We didn’t do that again either. In fact, we pretty much had the route memorized.

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