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As promised, I have included a ton of pics from yesterday’s hike, probably more than those with limited bandwidth care to see. It’s very tough for us to choose which pics to post though, especially when we come back from such a special hike with close to 250 shots!

The weather for yesterday’s excursion to Boiling Lake was less than we had hoped for. We have learned not to let a few (try five!) torrential downpours spoil our day though. When one hikes in the rainforest, one must be Ready To Get Wet. On the bright side, we made out much better this time around with our transportation to and from the trailhead, something that we were both very thankful for (especially me). And having done the hike only just last season, we both still had the route near memorized.

All in all was a great day, and we returned with time enough to clear out of customs. Because of that, we’ll be sailing to St. Pierre, Martinique today, a new port for us. Let’s hope the weather cooperates for us a bit better today than it did yesterday.

Think you’d enjoy this hike? All the details are included in our hiking guide, Ready To Get Wet.

Now don’t you think you’d enjoy this hike?
Remember, the details are included in our hiking guide, Ready To Get Wet.


  1. Lovely, again, thanks. And yes, I have read the ebook!

    What is the significance of the ubiquitous little yellow duck????????


  2. After what seems like forever, I have caught up on your blog. I love it. As I have plans to follow you in a few years, I find your blog incredibly informative. Thanks.

  3. Wow, looks like fun! A few more good years of business and I’ll be joining you guys in the south.

  4. The water looks great! Wish I was there.

    • Soaking in the “hot tub” is awesome! Unfortunately you have a couple of hours to hike back after that point. It would be even better if it were at the end!

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