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As expected, we were unable to connect to any Wi-Fi signals from Chacachacare Island, hence the bit of a break in our daily-posting schedule. That one drawback aside, we loved the large bay as it offers a number of pristine spots to anchor.

While it is exposed to the southeast, and we did experience a bit of a roll for about 4 hours on Saturday evening, it has been wonderfully calm for the remainder of our stay. Unlike in Chaguaramas, the water there is beautifully clear and we’ve enjoyed being able to jump in the water whenever we’ve needed to cool off.

Shopping? Forgetaboutit! You had better come prepared with all of your provisions. It is said that there is only one full-time resident on the island, the lighthouse keeper, and we couldn’t even find him let alone anywhere to shop. With many of the buildings from the deserted leper colony still standing though, there is a ton of exploring to do for those looking for more than just a nice spot to swim.

The 30 minute walk to the lighthouse may be on a road but it is entirely uphill.
I’m glad we did it early in the day.

Only 7 miles away, Venezuela can be easily seen from the top of the hill beside the lighthouse.

Speaking of swimming, we had been warned that the locals tend to congregate at Chacachacare on weekends to swim, relax and lime. While some other boats definitely did come and go, there are numerous little coves in the large bay in which boats can anchor and because of this, we never had more than 1 or 2 boats anywhere near us. As of Sunday evening, those boats had all returned, I assume home to the mainland, leaving ZTC and a couple of monohulls on the far side of the bay all to ourselves. By mid-day Monday, even those two boats had left!

Have we found any ghosts in the reportedly haunted buildings? Not yet, but we’ll keep looking. In fact, we’d be happy to remain at Chacachacare until Rebecca’s course begins if it weren’t for our lack of connectivity. We actually raised anchor and went for a sail just to check our email and update this blog!


  1. Looks like it would have been a magnificent building in its glory day.

  2. Are these houses of the nuns and leper patients?

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