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It’s interesting to note that in the year that we’ve been traveling, we’ve had only two guests come to see us on our boat. The first, Christian, is a friend who we knew from our days of running a martial arts gym. Maybe half a dozen times, the three of us would end up in the same city to train for a few days. On another occasion, during one of his trips to Canada (Christian is from Denmark), he dropped by our gym for a week or so. So, although I wouldn’t hesitate to call Christian a friend, we couldn’t honestly say that we knew him all that well before his visit.

As for our latest guest, Carl, the subject of several of our most recent blog posts, we didn’t know him at all prior to his visit, save for some internet correspondence. We really just took a chance by inviting him to visit, hoping that he would turn out to be as cool as we thought he would be.

As you might have gathered from our posts, we aren’t all that afraid of taking chances. By saying that, I don’t mean that we take risks unnecessarily, such as climbing the mast without being attached to a safety line (or two), but we really aren’t afraid of pushing the limits either, especially when it comes to people. Our last week was a great example of this. If we hadn’t taken the chance on inviting Carl to Grenada, we would have missed out on some really fun and memorable experiences.

Note to anyone else hoping to visit us though: You’d better be super cool, as both of our previous guests have been. They set the bar pretty high. You’d also better email us with a really great pitch on why we should clean up our “garage” to accommodate you. That is a lot of work. 🙂

A couple of great shots taken by our new friend Carl.


  1. No need to clean for me!!!! I am really Kewl!!!

  2. Great photos of the two of you! You look extremely happy! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes, both of the pictures are fantastic showing ya’ll and your beautiful boat!

  4. Wow! great new pictures!!!
    You two make that boat look good 😉

  5. I love it that you have really great shots of both of you on your boat, especially the one featuring the name at the stern.

    And I don’t think I am ‘cool’ enough for a visit. I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being ‘cool’. LOL!!! I should have taken you up on your offer to sail back to Tortola with you then I could have at least said I had been aboard and sailed with you guys!

  6. I dont mind cooking and cleaning. Carl is a great guy, I’ll get a chance to see him this weekend and hear about all of his adventures. Cheers.

  7. Two lovely pictures!

    It is good to see both of you, and the boat, looking so good.

    All the best with your course. Is it a crash course over a few days or a long drawn out one covering several weeks? At the end of it you will be expert in calculating tides at secondary ports and position from a running fix – and I bet that you too will never use either! 🙂

    Cheers, Mike.

  8. Lovely picture’s of you two!
    When you are photographed together you are usually covered with mud, oil & the like, nice to see a pic of you two on that pretty cat of yours. Just spent 2 weeks on Peele Island looking out at the water every day…

    The best morning coffee site ever…

  9. My mom says I’m cool…does that count?

  10. I think the stern shot is one of the best pics on your site so far. Your stories have inspired me and my wife a lot. I could only hope after we start cruising we will look as happy and content as the two of you guys. We both hope that you two continue to show the rest of the way. Good luck on the classes, I know you’ll do great.

  11. Wow Guys, How cool to have a blog follower like that! One that will just pick up and jump aboard! Yes the shots are great, and you will have them and the memories forever! Go Carl and Go You!!

  12. That was indeed a great picture of you two on ZTC! Holly and I would love to spend time in your garage! 😉 It used to be just me hanging out in the garage working on my MGB…now we can make it a couple thing!

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