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It’s Dream Day again. While I could write about the watermaker, which we seem to have gotten working the other day, or the heater, which we almost got working yesterday, I think I’ll save those topics for another day. Today I’d rather focus on fun things, such as where we plan to sail. Have you watched the film 180 South? While, according to the reviews on Amazon, some found the film a bit “preachy,” we enjoyed it, especially the amazing visuals. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.


  1. Beautiful.

  2. Though about high altitude climbing in Peru, not sailing, “Touching the Void” is perhaps the best climbing movie made, with much filming on location. No true adventurer can watch it without being shaken, reminded of just how badly things can go when you can’t call 911. My long time climbing partner’s first comment film was that “he was the most frightened person in the theater.” I guess it was too close to home, not because of any accident, but because we had just returned from something similar.

    Rent it if you can.

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