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Some days our grocery shopping takes place on a very organized excursion while other times, it just happens spontaneously. The latter was the case this past Thursday.

Having dropped by the boat yard at Grenada Marine to welcome our friend Kirk back to the island, we stumbled across a couple of people selling some locally-grown fruit and vegetables off a table. As it turns out, they were just packing up for the day when Rebecca approached them. Not wanting to carry a bunch of produce home with them, we ended up with a killer score. All of the fruit and vegetables that you see in the bottom pic was acquired for a mere $20.00 EC, or about $7.50 US. This haul should keep the scurvy at bay for a while, don’t you think?

For the last few weeks our friends’ boat has been stored “on the hard” at Grenada Marine.

While we were visiting Kirk he had some riggers there to
swap his main halyard with a nice new Dyneema one.

Not a shallow draft! Note Rebecca standing just aft of the keel.

More scenic than a supermarket.

Waiting for the bus with our huge load of produce.

All this for about $7.50 US.
I bet you can’t name everything in the pic!


  1. Maybe you could add an edited photo pointing out what everything is for the benefit of those that don’t know?

  2. No idea what the fruit is. Must have missed the facebook post on this one. However, what kind of boat does Kirk have, length and draft? Looks like about 10 feet but I’m a land lubber….

  3. Cranberries also prevent scurvy…especially when combined with turkey, stuffing and gravy…That’s my story; stickin’ to it. Now into turkey soup simmering mode. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Comsidering that I live in southern California where produce is relatively abundant, I think it’s bad that I recognize (maybe) two of the things in your photo: plantains and carambola? The green berry/pods on a stem have me curious.
    Glad you pointed out that Rebecca was standing next to the keel of the boat in your photo. I would have missed that, and it sure gave a sense of scale on the draft of the boat.

    • I had to look up the word Carambola and yes, that one is correct. We call them starfruit though. The banana-looking things are actually not plantains, they are Rock Figs.

  5. Challenge accepted: Bananas, limes, pomelo star fruit, grapefruit coconut mango bread fruit, green apples, papaya. ..

    I’m probably way off. I know my South pacific fruits better than Caribbean.

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