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Yesterday was Rebecca’s first day of classes and like the dutiful husband that I am, I walked her all the way to the school. My task, after dropping her off, was to try to sort out a solution to our temporary propane shortage. While I didn’t manage to get the tanks filled, I did stumble upon a backup camp stove that will serve us just perfectly for the next few days. The stove works great. It cooked our dinner last evening and boiled water for our coffee this morning. Of course, once our propane tanks are filled, it will probably end up tucked away in some locker but still, it’s nice to have a backup available, and it might come in handy the next time we have a beach party / sleepover.

Speaking of portable stoves, we actually had a pretty nice one that was part of our camping kit back when we lived on land. Regrettably, we sold it along with all of that other stuff before we moved aboard our boat. I’ve always thought a really versatile backup stove would be one similar to the Primus Omni Fuel Stove. It works with just about any fuel including LP gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and even aviation fuel, and will attach to butane or propane canisters. Sound awesome? I think so. Anyway, the one that I purchased was not too expensive and will run on the same propane cylinders that will fuel our barbecue. It is perfect to get us by for this week.

On a completely different topic, while doing some cleaning yesterday, I happened to take a peek at the fine print on the bottle of our hand soap. Perhaps this would not be the best choice of soaps for use in the marine environment!


  1. Have You sung this? 🙂

    Hank Williams : Hey Good Lookin’

  2. I think you will find that the warning relates to Domestic grade stainless steel which is not rust-free and can rapidly become pitted too. Marine grade, either of them, should not have a problem.


    • “Should not.” I don’t think I’m willing to take that chance. If it’s not good for steel, it’s probably not great for my skin either.

      For the benefit of the newbies reading this, it’s stainLESS, not “rust-free,” and that includes marine grade.

  3. We have the same little propane burner that you currently have and love it! Until we figure out what to do with our alcohol stove we’ve been using the little burner and our grill on our rare overnight sailing trips. We’ll definitely keep it once we start cruising. Like you said … always good to have a backup, or even better … those beach parties!

  4. Good luck with your classes Rebecca!

    As for the stove, those camping stoves are good. However, for every day use, I might want something a little more powerful. For my future needs(wants), I would need a stove range like you have and an oven. I know you do not have an oven, but about how many cruisers do? Good luck getting your tanks filled!


  5. a. I’ve used both of those stoves; one on my Stiletto 27 for all cooking, the other in the mountsins. No problems.

    b. EDTA in combination with the soaps can depasivate SS and thus lead to superficial corrosion. That is also the reason for the marble warning; it chelates lime and will dull the finish. Harmful to your skin or the environment? Not hardly. In fact, EDTA taken internally in chelation theropy (link below). Nearly any soap that is formulated to work with hard water will contain this.

    Warning lables are funny. If we read them too stricktly the vinegar (acid) and the rum (flamable) will need remove from your larder. Oh dear.

  6. Hi mike,
    Do you see many/any alcohol stoves in you cruising?? And if so how available is it…

    • I can’t say for sure, Dan. I know that some people have them but no one that we know. I suspect that it is available here and in other large centers. Elsewhere, I don’t know.

  7. Nice little burner! My son used an Omni on his motorcycle trip from Costa Rica to Austin.

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