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The second day of the STCW course in Trinidad offers the most excitement. This is the day that students get to don actual fire fighting gear and tackle full-on blazes. Some people have difficulties with this section but as I expected, Rebecca did great and had a lot of fun in the process.

There are still some people who are asking why she is doing this course, the same one that I completed last year. The STCW 95 course is mandatory for anyone who wishes to work on a commercial ship. This is true for all jobs from Captains to deck hands to chefs and applies to cruise ship and day charter cats alike. So, why are we doing it? Because unless people start clicking the ads on this site about 1000 times more than they are (that’s a joke Adsence, please don’t get upset), or start purchasing our book by the 1000s (that’s not a joke!), we’ll have to find work at some point. And who wouldn’t want to hire us, right?

One of these people looks a little more happy than the others!

Fire fighting stance = karate forward stance?

Um, yeah, this is HOT!

The big hoses make short work of it though.


  1. The other 5 are not happy because I am sure rebecca kicked their asses in the drills….

  2. Attitude makes all the difference!

  3. Little tips for marketing I have learned from reading. You probably have read these too just nice to pass along.

    1. Have adds at top. Readers usually look at the top of the screen. For you the normally read the comments, but mostly blog pot. So put the adds there- more people will see them.

    2. Put stuff like add ons and other feautures you put on webite below the adds, or if you want to appease the consumer in the middle or every other. So for you start off with your book, then your paypal, etc.

    If I were you, I would put one adsense on the very top. Then have the second one in the middle. Put your facebook thing at the end. move down comments, archives, etc.

    The blue text at the top is taking up prime space. Shorten it, get rid of it, or move it.

    Last, you might want to add a little add adjacent to the google plus one. It might not look as good, but with a little editing, maybe add more space it can look nice.

    Just my two cents.

    As for being a reader,

    being certified is always good. This post doe answer my question- why certify. I read a blog that traced the progress of a couple who spent 2-3 years cruising. They had a baby along the way and with the unexpected expense they both took up jobs. She was a waitress at a high end restaurant- nice tips! He was a boat hand/ worker/ etc. on a snorkeling ship decorated as a pirate ship. They stayed in St. Thomas so no special working papers as they were American citizens. I know that doesnt help you as you arent American, but just a little story I thought I could share.

    • Thanks for the advice, Patrick. I change that portion of the site up on a fairly regular basis.

      As for working, I could probably get a job in a Starbucks too but I’d rather not. The truth is that I haven’t worked for anyone but myself since I was a teenager (a while ago!). My job aspirations are a bit more lofty. 🙂

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