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leaving Baja

While it should in no way compare to the drama that is ongoing in Texas and the southern US, this latest storm makes me think that we’re leaving Baja at just the right time!

Yesterday, Rebecca and I, along with Tiago, another cyclist who is also staying at the Warmshowers home, rode to the Baja Ferries office to purchase our tickets. Our ferry departs at 8:00 PM this evening and we’ll sail overnight to Mazatlan. As you can see from the Passageweather image below, that ride will be significantly more ugly this coming weekend!

leaving Baja

In other news, many of our friends and family have expressed concern about our safety in Mexico, and while traveling in general. Please know that we sincerely do appreciate that. Earlier today, a level-headed friend of ours shared this link with me, and I think it puts it all in perspective. The article is 5 years old so the stats may be a bit off. The point of the piece is still completely valid though, so hopefully, it makes at least some of you feel better.


  1. Ok, this has nothing to do with cycling but if you look at the first weather map you posted the first thing I saw when I looked at it was an ultrasound of a baby in a womb! lol Check it out and see if you can see it. I’ve only had one drink while I was polishing my bike! 🙂 (And I mean the Harley)

  2. This is such a great read! It was so much fun to meet you both at Mission San Luis Gonzaga and to follow along with your blog posts and the video clip! I will share your YouTube clip on Baja Nomad forums for others to enjoy. Keep having fun you two! David Kier (in the silver Tacoma with cold water bottles)

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