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Inspired by a post from a couple of our friends (thanks Courtney and Dustin), Rebecca and I rented a car yesterday to do a bit of adventuring. Our first stop, mid-morning, was not too far from the base of Mount Pelée, the mountain that you may recall we climbed a few weeks ago. Instead of climbing up into the clouds though, our destination was in the opposite direction, down into a canyon filled with fast-moving water.

Les Gorges de la Falaise is, no doubt, a popular tourist spot during the height of the season. Yesterday though, Rebecca and I only had to share the experience with one other guy. Much better, in my opinion.

After a relatively short, but steep descent (steep enough that we climbed down much of the stairs sideways), we met up with a guide who led us through the canyon to the waterfall. The entire experience took about an hour, and was, in our opinion, well worth the 7 euros that we each paid to take part. I’ll let the pics and video clips provide the rest of the description.


  1. Mike, what happened to the RSS feed from “Zero to Cruising?” I have followed the blog religiously since before you left Canada using my RSS reader. The last time any thing was published was May 12.



  2. I use the RSS feed, the pics stopped showing up a few months ago or more

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