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Quickly working it’s way onto the FAQ list is the question “What are you going to do with ZTC?” It’s funny how some people already have strong feelings about what they think our plans are. Funny because neither Rebecca nor I actually have a clear plan! I will admit that we initially stored ZTC in Grenada instead of selling her so that we’d have a fall-back position in case the charter thing didn’t work out for us. With only a few weeks remaining in what was a super-successful first season, I think it’s fair to say that we made out OK. What are our long term plans though? We have none, and we’re sticking to it!

Knowing that boats are much happier in the water than they are on land, we clearly need to make a decision with respect to ZTC though. We’ve already committed to another charter season on One Love and in fact, our calendar for next year is already booking up. I guess that means that we’ll be looking to sell our beloved PDQ. Readers of this blog know how much we have cared for her, and how good she has been to us. We’re thinking that it may be time to let her help some other cruising couple realize their dreams. Maybe. 😉


  1. You guys seriously ROCK!
    You did and still do what alot of people dreaming of doing!
    Please keep inspire other people, because you do it well!
    Inpossible is nothing!

  2. Let me know when you decide to sell. I am interested in a pdq.



  3. Nooooo!!!!!!

    The ONLY way this is okay is if I could buy her!!

    Then it would be great!


  4. It’s going to be hard if you decide to let her go.

  5. Mike, just off a Footloose 46′ R&C.

    What a fantastic boat! We froze eggs in the fridge, and got liter bottles of water to ice state in the freezer overnight. Gotta love the AC and separate showers. Great storage everywhere too.

    What cabin do you and Rebecca occupy?

    Loved the helm. Much better than Lagoons, or smaller R&C cats that we’ve been on. So cool for the 360 view, and so great for easy anchor or mooring handling.

    Are you lusting for one of those new 58 footers? Damn, that is a floating condo! The hydraulic deck is cool, and the top deck is awsome! But would Rebecca want to be the hostess/cook for 5 cabin guests? I heard Seth and Jamie are still at it though.

    So jealous of your experience. Carpe Diem!

    • We sleep in the port aft cabin. As for the 58, no, not interested at all. Seth and Jamie told me that if they were going to sail around the world again they’d do it in a 4600.

  6. Great to know your One Love charter business is a success! You guys rock. And the best inspiration for all the greatest things in life. – Craig

  7. Tough decision guys! Glad you had a gr8 first season chartering and you had so much fun with it too!

  8. I nearly sold my Stiletto 27 years ago; a chronic rotator cuff injury sideline me from many things, and it felt like a waste when I had barely used her for nearly 2 years. But then it got better (now the shoulder is the only part that doesn’t hurt–go figure), my girl got big enough to go on long trips, and my sailing addiction was rekindled. Selling would have been a huge mistake, perhaps changing the dirrection of my life and that of my daughter. Time is funny.

    My point isn’t that you can’t get another ride, and you might chose a diffeent ride. The point is that for a boat (paid for) to sit on the hard a few years is not a big deal. Mine was in a slip the whole time, and when I was ready to go again, so was she, just like that.

    I would suggest relaxing, not worrying that an asset is sitting, unused. She’s well-stored and not going anywhere, a fun “plan B” ready whenever needed. Wait until next year.

  9. Wow! I didn’t see that coming. It’s an interesting move if you do decide to sell. Are you settling into your role as charter captains?

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