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On numerous occasions I’ve mentioned the website Active Captain. We consult the Active Captain anchorage reviews when planning all of our stops and have chosen charting software (Polar View, Garmin Bluechart Mobile) because of their seamless integration of that data. In spite of AC’s success (or perhaps because of it), the website’s founder, Jeffrey Siegel, has not been at rest. In addition to continuing to improve and promote Active Captain, he has just introduced his latest brainchild, eBoatCards.

Our original boat cards.

Boat cards, like business cards for cruisers, are very common for those on the water. With the increasing prevalence of laptop computers, iPads and smart phones, eBoatCards seems like the natural evolution of the paper product. I encourage readers to visit the site and read the documentation online there but the basic idea is that cruisers (boaters, businesses, wannabes) can create a user profile with all their particulars. Using a downloadable smart phone app, users can exchange “cards” with other users who they come into contact with. All of this data can then be searched, accessed, etc. on other online devices. While what I have described may seem like a novelty to some people, there is much more to it. In addition to its current functionality, I know that Jeffrey has much more in store for this product as he appears to always be thinking 10 steps ahead. I asked him for a quote on his new release and this is what he had to say:

Your chartplotter tells you “how” to get from point A to point B. We always thought of ActiveCaptain as helping you with “why” to go to point B (reviews, features, details). Now we see eBoatCards as helping you with “who” is at point B or who is moving around you to create a more social environment while cruising. Through groups it’ll also help to give identity to each boater and learn more about what is at different destinations.

eBoatCards adds to ActiveCaptain to create something that we call “Social Navigation”.

I would encourage everyone to visit his site, create a new profile and after doing so, look up Zero To Cruising and link up with us. I think it’s only a matter of time before this new site becomes as valuable to cruisers as Active Captain is presently.


  1. Thanks ZTC, I signed up on ActiveCaptain based on your recommendation. It is a nice site with useful information.

  2. I love the active captain site…….I never knew about the e-cards, interesting.

  3. I love the idea of the eboat cards, went to their site and signed up and requested for you to be in our group. I am having problems uploading photos tho, says they are to big and need to make them smaller than 500mb. If I knew how to do that I would.
    Anyhow thank you for the info. Can’t tell you how many times I have used the suggestions on various things you have made! And have also learned a lot. Keep it up! We will meet up someday soon!

    • Hi Renee

      I can’t imagine your pics are larger than 500mb. That is the size of a 5 min. HD video. Maybe you should send Jefrey an email and explain your issue. I’m sure he’ll have an easy fix for you.

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