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Hey, let’s go run a 10k, through the jungle, and the mud, and a river.






  1. So glad you made out okay through Matthew. Its projected to come up close to Newfoundland where we live so hopefully we’ll have the same luck, we were here for Igor which was brutal. I’ve been wondering how you were doing but didn’t look ahead as your emails were arriving daily so I figured you were alright atleast. OH, and I made it!!! Read every single post! Great reading, as a planner I very much appreciate that you discussed everything from the educational, insight and tech to the fun times, relaxation and camaraderie. Look forward to many more each morning. 🙂

    PS My only beef and I’m sure others mentioned it in comments is that we don’t get notified of replies to comments and have to instead go digging – assuming you can remember where you commented. (The ‘Check here’ button leads one to assume you will be notified of a reply or additional comment.) Perhaps it is required by the system if email addys are not published?..

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