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Maho Beach may not be the most famous stretch of sand in the world but it’s got to be in the running for the most photographed, or at least the planes that take off and land right over it are.

Rebecca and I hopped on a local bus yesterday and paid our $1.50 US to make the short trek there from the Lagoon. What we found upon arriving were bus loads of tourists, all enjoying the same exciting views that we went there looking for. The planes are obviously important for the tourism at Maho Beach and we noticed that one of the bars even went so far as to post the arrival schedule for the big jets.

As you can see from the pics, there are numerous signs around warning people not to get stupid and for good reason. The blast from the big jets is pretty powerful. Unfortunately for us, the weather deteriorated mid way through the afternoon forcing us to hide from the rain in one of the bars. We definitely plan on heading back to Maho Beach again on a nicer day… it’s a fun excursion.


  1. I love going on You Tube and watching the video of the planes landing…..Did you guys hang on the fence with Jet taking off….

  2. Wow, looks pretty cool! Hanging out in a bar while it rains, drinking and eating that pizza doesn’t sound bad!

  3. OMG that is totally awesome! HAHA..what a site. Can’t wait for Tate and I to see it one day.

    Was it crazy LOUD??

  4. Heh the view from the cockpit is pretty awesome too. I retired from USAir before I became a fulltime sailor and flew the 757 into SXM lots. The drinks are better on the beach though.
    Ted and Rhonda

  5. That’s amazing! Prime real estate.

  6. OMG that looks freaky… I noticed in some of the pictures there were not alot of beach chairs directly under the flight path 🙂

  7. Looks like another rough day in the Caribbean for the “Fun-Loving Couple”!!! Was the pizza half as good as it looks?

  8. Great pics Mike. I have flown that approach many times in the 757. We sit for an hour then takeoff for Washington DC again and every time I am there I have thoughts of just quitting right there and walking off the plane to look for a boat to sail away on. On takeoff we get the occasional woman flashing us from the beach as we get ready to turn onto the runway!

    • There was a sign at Sunset Bar at the end of Maho Beach that said “topless women drink free at this bar.” There were no free drinks being passed out when we were there though.

  9. Love it! National/Reagan airport in Washington DC is similar with a park/bike trail at the foot of a runway. A very cool place to hang out, though there is a marked absence of sand and adult beverages!

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