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After a few days of potential drama, it’s nice to be able to relax a bit, and think about something other than the weather. Later today we’ll be joining some friends to participate in Grenada’s 950 Hash. This is a huge milestone, but to understand how truly signifiant it is, one simply has to do the math to figure out how long the Grenada Hash House Harriers have been organizing events here on the island (answer: over 30 years!).

When we first arrived in Grenada in 2011, hashes took place every other week. Not long after that, due to increased demand, members started setting trails 3 weeks out of every month. Now, a hash takes place here virtually every Saturday of the year, each with 150 or more participants. As hash groups around the world go, that’s a lot of people. But that’s just a normal hash though. A special event like the one today is likely to draw 400, 500 or even more participants! Cruisers, residents, students, visitors, babies and even dogs will be on hand to take part. In other words, it’s going to be huge, and a ton of fun.

Here are a few pics from last Saturday’s hash:



The storm that recently passed north of us has rapidly grown into a monster of a hurricane, and is now threatening Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Bahamas, and perhaps even the USA. We hope those in its path fair well!

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