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The turn-around point for many snowbirds, Georgetown (Elizabeth Harbor), is now where Zero To Cruising sits at anchor. Our trip here yesterday was less than spectacular. The wind was on the nose (I’m not kidding when I say that… I mean RIGHT ON THE NOSE) and we caught ZERO fish! 🙁

Nonetheless, we made it here, and according to the sign we found on Volleyball Beach, it is 1391 miles from Bronte, Ontario, where our PDQ lived prior to coming into our possession. That’s quite a trip, and it’s only the start for us!

Today’s tasks include, in order of priority, re-provisioning (our culinary creativity is being taxed given the limited amount of food remaining in our stores), renewing our cruising permit with immigration and some all-around general exploring. Our brief visit to Volleyball Beach yesterday afternoon, just around the corner from where we dropped our anchor (an excellent spot I think considering the bad weather that is due to arrive here in a few hours), has lead us to believe that we may enjoy hanging out here for a while. Hopefully our friends can escape the USA and join us in the not too distant future!


  1. I’ve decided that we need to figure out a way to get you a dedicated Internet circuit somehow. Three days between updates is quite unacceptable!!!

    Good luck with updating the cruising permit, hopefully it will be hassle free.

  2. We don’t blame you for wanting to stay a while. Looks awesome! Love the last picture of the sunset.

  3. What beautiful pictures! Oh, enjoy yourselves for all of us.

  4. Excellent, I’m green ( envy) and blue ( cold)!!

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