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Since we crossed the Mexican border at Tecate, we’ve been compiling a bunch of video footage from our Baja Divide trek. Although it takes some time and effort to shoot it all, we know that it’ll be a great reminder for us when we’ve completed the section. And to be completely honest, it also gives us a nice excuse for a rest. 🙂

Although our intent was not to publish any of the footage until we had completed the entire route, I realized yesterday that if we used just a few seconds from each of the clips that we have shot that it would add up to a decent sized video; one that would give a pretty good cross section of the terrain that we’ve travelled thus far. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed riding it.

Cameras used for video:


  1. Once again– Epic!! And you’ve just begun..

  2. Excellent! And the music is great too.

  3. Thanks for posting that. Looks like great country and an epic ride. I’m sure it is a pain to stop and set up a camera mounted on the ground and then ride by it but the effect is worth it.

  4. wow – that is some terrain you are dealing with – the scenery is beautiful, but not sure about those “trails” as some of them seem close to impossible. Glad that you both have the will, determination and physical strength to do these so we can enjoy the views that you provide us! Thanks for sharing the video as it definitely gives a much better idea of the challenges you face on your travels. Looks definitely much harder than sailing (even factoring in storms!) Best to you both

  5. Impressive, as always! I don’t envy you pushing the bikes through sandy terrain and up equally sandy and steep hills, though.

  6. Helen A. Spalding

    I suspect sailing was a LOT easier!!!! I’ll never be able to do long bike rides again, but sailing I can do. Especially on a cat.

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