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One thing that newbies may not initially consider is how much their geographical starting point affects the cruising experience. For example, those of us who start out on the eastern side of North America almost always end up island hopping our way down through the Caribbean. Those who set sail from the west coast though, have an entirely different experience. Starting elsewhere in the world? Different again.

For readers who are interested in a comparison between what we’ve done and what might happen to those who begin on the west coast, I suggest that you check out our internet pals’ blog Estrellita 5.10b (you’ll have to read the blog to find out where that name comes from). Livia and Carol have a lot of very informative posts on their website as well as great pics and details of the spots that they have visited during their travels. Do check them out and while you’re at it, note that you can find them on Facebook too.

Fellow Canuck cruisers, but which of us started out on the “right side” of the country?


  1. Livia and Carol have a great site, very informative and inciteful as you and Rebecca.
    I did find a blog of an old school “salty dog” that’s pretty amazing.
    He started sailing in 1961 from Long Island, NY to the Caribbean as well as Canada after immigrating to the US; and as of the end of October of last year is still out there!
    He is Eric Forsyth. His story is pretty amazig

    • I agree, they do have an excellent blog, which is why I thought our readers might appreciate it.

      Thanks for that other link. I see he has white text on a black background… very hard on the eyes. I’ll try to get past that. 🙂

  2. Hey Mike, I am with a production company that is doing an HGTV show on people who have converted ‘nontraditional spaces’ into homes and we are looking to do the story of a family that lives full-time on a boat. I’d love to talk to you about it; I can be reached at mrindlesbach (at)

    Thank you!

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