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Yesterday, with a planned break in our work schedule, Rebecca and I visited the local IMAX theater here with our friend Pip to watch the movie Everest, in 3D. The movie, based on a true story, has had a bit of media controversy with at least one person present during the events stating that it did not tell the true story of the 1996 tragedy (read Into Thin Air if you want another view). Regardless, the movie was exciting, and the cinematography was amazing!

In one section of the movie, Jon Krakauer, a writer from Outside Magazine who was attempting his own summit of the mountain, asks the climbers gathered in their small tent the all important question, “Why (are you climbing Everest)?” Only one of them could really verbalize an answer to the question, and he only did so later in the movie. This part was especially interesting to me as we have had the same question asked of us about our plans to sail to Patagonia. Why do you want to go there? Aside from the beautiful scenery in that part of the world that can’t help but inspire awe, and the obvious challenge of heading so far south, my answer is always “because no one else does it!*

  • Of course that’s not really true. We personally know people who have done it, and have read about countless others. Relatively speaking though, far fewer people venture south to that region compared to those cruising the warmer climates.

In the past few weeks, dealing with the teething pains on our new boat (isn’t that a nice way to put it?), I admit to, on occasion, being overcome by frustration. When that happens, I find it’s always because I am focused on the challenges we are dealing with rather than the goal. You need to keep your focus on the prize… not only do I know this, I used to teach it to my martial arts students! It’s true whether you are training to climb a mountain, practicing martial arts or outfitting a sailboat. For all those going through tough times, and I sense a few of our friends are doing so right now, keep looking forward. The day-to-day problems will work themselves out if you keep your focus on what you want.