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We’re just getting the boat squared away so that we can raise anchor and head towards Jost Van Dyke, one of our favorite spots in the BVIs. As I’m expecting that there will be a definite lack of Wi-Fi where we end up tonight, before we leave I want to share some images of what you can find here in Virgin Gorda, if you get off the boat and make it further than all of the popular bars and restaurants. Trust me, the views are worth the time and effort!

Click the above image to see a full-sized version of this panoramic shot.

This boat’s name is Serendipity. Want to know what is serendipitous? This is the exact boat that our friend Michael has under contract to purchase. We just stumbled across it on our hike.


  1. Absolutely lovely. Thank-you.


  2. We loved Jost Van Dyke when we visited last year! Virgin Gorda looks amazing too … can’t wait to get back to the islands for good.

  3. Is that a modern five-masted tall ship cruise ship in the background of some of those shots?

  4. Wahhh!!! I miss the BVI’s and now I am really suffering from DIF.

    The thoughts of working outside tonight in almost freezing temperatures just got about a thousand times worse than it already was.


    • Ahhh, sorry, Sandra. Just bring the pics to work with you on your iPad and look at them while on break to warm you up.

      • Hahaha!!! I do that all the time. People look over my shoulder and say… “WOAH! Where is that???” when I have my BVI album open.

        Takes me to my happy place but it DOESN’T stop me from shivering in the cold!

        I’d love to be able to pop over while you’re in the BVI and see you guys again. Actually… I’d really like to do that when your in Grenada sometime.

  5. Love Saba Rock…I have never seen the area from a top the hills….Great

  6. I’m always amazed when I look at your pictures how many opportunities for hiking you find and how pristine the trails seem. I had no idea. Are these great trails so close to the anchorages?

    • Sometimes they are close, as in this case. At other times we need to take a bus, cab or hitchhike to get to the trail head. This particular hike began right on the Bitter End Yacht Club property. They distribute little maps of the trails at the water sports hut.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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