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Even though my last post could have been taken as my complaining about the conditions during our passage, we were very happy to have gotten it over with and not to have been out on the water yesterday. As was forecast, the wind and seas were up yesterday, with gusts to near 30 in the harbor and white caps all over the bay. It might have been a great day to windsurf around the bay but I think the wind was a tiny bit too strong for our first day with the new board. So, with no fun to be had on the water, we do what we often do, look for a hill to climb. Fortunately we didn’t have to look too far.

Prickly Pear Island is lying no more than 100 feet off our port side. Was the climb to the top hard? No, but as usual, we had to contend with the thick brush that, more often than not, grows on the hillsides here. Once we managed to bushwhack* our way to the top, we had a nice view of the harbor and of Necker Island on the other side of the hill.

Just getting started.

Now where to go?

Anyone know what this plant is?

Getting up there, ZTC in the background.

A few of our neighbors.

See the little boat? That’s us.

At the top. A portion of Necker Island can be seen behind Rebecca.

On the way down I saw this little bird with a thorn stuck under his wing.
I gave him a hand and removed it for him.

Pusser’s Rum… yeah, we must be back in the Virgins.

*Speaking of bushwacking, the Bushwacker is a popular drink here. We had our very first one in the BVIs during our initial visit to Jost Van Dyke.


  1. Bushwackers are great! The best one I ever had was at that new fancy place off your starboard bow…

  2. That looks lovely!

    So tomorrow it is off to Biras Hill I assume. It is 446ft high as opposed to 298ft today. Then Great Hill, by Gun Creek, 660ft after that. Then what?????

    Looking at the chart of that area, Necker Island is formidable for the number of coral heads. Is that ‘dinghy only’ realistically?


    • Necker is private so unless we meet up with Sir Richard at Saba Rock again (and actually talk to him), I don’t think we’ll be going there.

      We were planning on climbing the larger hill over there though. Who knows… maybe tomorrow.

      • Although the law is that anything up to the high water mark is a public beach…Sir Dick probably has some security dudes who could make you just feel unwelcome just with a stare. On my first trip in ’95 we were told to stay away from Necker because the SAS commandos were guarding Princess Di. ’nuff said.

  3. Looks beautiful. Is it wrong of me to be hoping something on the boat breaks ( cheaply) so we can get a fun ” look what I had to fix now” post, complete with boat porn featuring carbs or joker valves….

    I would even accept a “Rebecca sews some sunbrella and old sail cloth into an anchor cozy” post. The last time she did some sewing I spent an hour looking at heavy duty sewing machines on the internet. 🙂

  4. Good on you for taking care of the bird.

  5. We met Richard Branson at Saba Rock two years ago….and spoke to him for a few minutes. 🙂

  6. I’m sorry, I’m just gonna say it. The inset picture of the bird and cactus looks like it is stuck somewhere else than it’s wing… LOL {:^O

  7. No invite 🙁 … He was a pretty cool guy though…not snobby..

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