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As most of you can imagine, storing our beloved catamaran ZTC on the hard while we live and work aboard One Love is a tough thing for us. Boats are much like people, they thrive with attention and affection and wither without the same. This concerned us!

I wrote three posts on the steps we took to prepare ZTC for her out-of-the-water “vacation” (post 1, post 2, post 3). After our visit to Grenada Marine yesterday, I am happy to report that our preparatory work paid off… ZTC looked in very good shape.

Unlike many boats we have heard about that have been stored on land, ZTC was perfectly dry inside and there was absolutely no sign of any mold. Nor were there any bugs inside, another very good thing! While the outside of the boat doesn’t look all that pretty because we left a thick coat of wax on the topsides, and the inside is similarly ugly as the hatches are all covered by tinfoil and the bilges are full of bug poison, I know that with a thorough cleaning our boat will be back to her beautiful self.

During the past year we had a few friends visit the boat yard from time to time to check in on ZTC. Huge thanks to all of you! This season I plan to employ one of our local friends to do this a bit more regularly. Like I said at the beginning of this post, boats need attention. Perhaps we can have our friend read ZTC a nice sailing story when he comes to check on her. It couldn’t hurt. 🙂

Don’t worry ZTC, we’ll be back in a week or two to give you some more TLC!