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Aside from our weekly hashes, it’s been far too long since Rebecca and I have had the opportunity to trek through the jungle. Yesterday though, we had such a chance as we travelled to the rainforest with 11 other cruisers. The hike we completed went from the Grand Etang Visitor Center to Concord Falls, a trek that we’ve done at least once every year that we’ve been down here in Grenada. It’s a challenging hike and I am happy to report that everyone finished it relatively unscathed, and with smiles on their faces to boot.

For anyone interested in following in our (muddy) shoes, this hike and 9 others are described in detail in our Kindle book, Ready To Get Wet. For the large sum of $2.73 you can get all the info. 🙂


  1. Hi Mike and Rebecca.
    My name is Brian and I’m a Boataholic.
    As a new reader to your blog, and apparently with a lot of time on my hands, I have finally caught up to the present. ( Yes, I read everything from the beginning)
    Interesting journey and great writing.
    The “lending a hand” thread touched close to home as I was personally involved in an ocean rescue off the coast of florida this past summer after being flagged down by a sinking boat with 3 men aboard.
    Well, back to the present and main reason for writing, As a Mac guy myself, I wonder why your guide book is not available on iTunes. I’d love to get a copy but not interested in setting up a whole new separate account on amazon.
    Oh, forgot to mention that the Kijiji / craigslist purge has begun.
    See you soon, eh !

  2. You both look thoroughly happy on that walk.

    Do ever slow down so that the people behind can catch up. It must be difficult for them, not knowing where the almost invisible path goes and you two are half or three quarters of a mile ahead, bounding along with big grins on your faces. I can see how it happens – something to do with fitness I think :-), but it must be hard on the back markers, though they seem happy too.

    Glad to see you having fun for yourselves again.



  3. Hey, that is Diane & Gilbert. Met them when they arrived in Ocean World. Where are their (and our) buddies Kim & Jorge of CSta Time? Can’t believe Jorge would skip this hike. Cheers!

    • Hey Kirk. I don’t know. We only just met Diane and Gilbert, they are friends of friends. Haven’t met your other friends either so maybe they’re not here.

      • Kim just updated their blog. Apparently they went to Tyrell Bay to haul out and paint the bottom of CS’ta Time. Hopefully you can meet them when they return to Grenada.

  4. Wow, looks like you had the same amount of folks at the beginning of your hike as you did at the end! Fun!

    D & Don

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