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The pics below detail the installation of our new Owl LED anchor light from Bebi Electronics.

The masthead anchor light on our boat was an Aqua Signal Series 25. Although we had unstepped our mast at the end of last season and covered it up, we visited the marina to remove the fixture from the mast.

My first thoughts on installing the Owl light was to use the supplied eye screw and suspend the light inside the AS fixture. A similar procedure is shown on the Bebi Electronics site. To attach it at the top I drilled a hole through the cap and suspended an eye bolt through it. Because the light is considerably smaller than the fixture I needed a way to stop it from swinging and hitting the sides. Bebi’s site showed to use cable ties for this but I wouldn’t be able to reattach the fixture if I had done that. My idea then was to use several layers of double-sided sticky tape to build up the width of the light until it was snug in the fixture. This worked but I ultimately decided that I wasn’t happy with the whole procedure.

Plan B, which was inspired by another image on Bebi’s site, was to use PVC fittings to mate to the light. This took several shopping trips to find suitable ones and even they required cutting and filing with a Dremel tool to get them to fit. I am much happier with the end result though. I will apply some adhesive to the fittings when we revisit the mast to make the final installation.