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It’s less than two weeks until Christmas so we all know what that means. It means that cruisers in the Caribbean are hunkered down, hoping that their anchors hold fast while the Christmas Winds take hold (how do the winds know to start blowing when it’s Christmas?), and those on land, with much more room to store stuff, are frantically working to check items off their shopping lists. Fortunately for all of us, Amazon, I mean Santa, still has some time to fill those orders!

I dug up my 2015 post, The Shopping List for the Real Boaters in your life, and I’d pretty much stick with everything that I recommended there. My suggestions are all super solid choices that would make any real cruiser happy. I promise. I’ll make one addition for those who’ll be sailing in the Caribbean. Chris Doyle recently announced a new version of his excellent book, Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands. For sailors down here, it is a must have, and for those still planning a trip to this region, it would be great fuel for dreams. Amazon shows that it is not yet in stock, but my guess is that it will be shortly as Chris just recently announced it on Facebook.


A reminder for those of you who will be shopping on Amazon: If you purchase items that we have linked on our site, or even if you initiate your searches on our site for other products that you’re interested in, Amazon will credit a few pennies to our cruising account. This is also done at absolutely no cost to you, the shopper. While it may not be a lot, if enough people do this, it does add up, so thank you!

By the way, in case you’re curious about what’s on our Christmas lists, there’s not much that we want that’s boat related. We pretty much have everything that we’d like, minus a few of the more expensive items on the list that I shared, and we’re not losing sleep over that. Rebecca has asked that we find a spot with good enough internet that we are able to video chat with our family members on Christmas Day. Santa, do you think that you can make that happen?


  1. Stronger than normal? It seems like in years that the trade winds get stronger, we get the negative AO and cold winds and snow storms blast down on NY from Canada. If I’m right ( and I hope I am not) then we are in the Northeast are in for a bad winter. So far its been colder and snowier here.

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