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Our new Nature’s Head compositing toilet arrived yesterday and we’ll be heading to the boat later this morning to check to see if it will fit. The side to side dimensions are going to be close!

On the subject of things that belong in toilets, I am very unhappy with the developer of the WordPress theme that we are using for this blog. We selected this theme way back when it was only offered for free. Since that time the developer has begun to offer a “Pro” version with additional features and support. I have been sitting on the fence about upgrading because I could sometimes use the additional help when it comes to customization, etc. In spite of that, up to this point I have continued to use the free version. Yesterday, after being subjected to daily promptings to upgrade to the latest (free) version, I went ahead and updated the files only to find out that the developer has now crippled the free version, removing several features! Regular visitors might notice that the sidebars are white instead of blue and the text for the links is different. This isn’t a huge deal and anyone with a bit more web savvy than me could probably modify the files by hand to fix it. I certainly won’t begrudge him for wanting to make some money. What angers me is that there was no warning given that upgrading would actually remove functionality! NOT a good way to do business in my opinion.


  1. I’m fairly sure it won’t fit in our head but I’m really looking forward to your “two person liveaboard” gear report after a year of usage. I would love one. I think Carol might mutiny though.

  2. I think it might actually fit on our boat,and it sure looks slick,but I have so many boat project to finish before Dec. I think I’ll look again next year!
    Any idea of the weight of the complete unit?

    • The unit does not weigh much empty. Maybe 15 lbs?

      I have to say that this BARELY fits on our boat. In fact, it is taking a bunch of screwing around to make it so, including some mods to the agitator handle. I was at the boat today working on it for several hours. When it’s all done I’ll post some pics.

  3. Mike,

    I’m very curious as to how far your feet are going to be off the deck when sitting on this new head… Looking at your picture when you and the head are on the same level you OK and your feet are flat on the floor. However, if your existing head is like mine it is on a area that is raised above the shower floor by about 6” to 9”. So it looks like to me that you will have to jump up to get seated on this new head.

    • Hi Mark

      We don’t have to “jump” up but Rebecca’s feet especially are a bit off the ground when seated. I am going to work on a solution for that.

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