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If our flights go as scheduled – and we all know that on-time air travel is nowhere near a certainty – we should arrive in California in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Although not a job that anyone likes, especially at that time of day, our daughter will be at the airport to pick us up, and then transport us south to her and her husband’s home in Perris. At some point following that, Rebecca and I will need to figure out a way to get from there to Oakland to meet up with Daniel from Tumbleweed to pick up our bikes. According to Google Maps, that’s about a 6.5 hour drive. As neither of us have ever been much north of Los Angeles, it should be a fun road trip.

Today’s big jobs:

  • remove, clean, and store outboard engine
  • clean, and bring dinghy up on deck to secure it for our absence

After that is done, we’ll be boat-bound until our water taxi arrives on Tuesday morning. I hope we don’t run out of wine!


  1. Wine, corn dogs and chocolate, I deliver

  2. I”m sure others will give you advice on this, but the fastest way from Perris to Oakland is also the absolutely most crappy way too. Either going up the coast (Starting around Malibu) or going up the Sierras, – starting in the California City area – will be such a delightful trip. BUT – it adds time and you will not want to rush through it. Always have to make that trade off one way or another. I was a professional hang glider pilot in a different life and I’ve made all 3 trips. The central valley (the one you have on your map) I’ve only made once. Once was enough. The others – which I’ve done so many times -are the way to go – if don’t have severe time restraints. Enjoy your trip – whichever route you take.

    • Thanks, GW. Yes, I’m sure, as you said, the big highway is NOT the most scenic way to do. We’ll consult a map and compare our options.

  3. Mike, You’ll be as close to us as ever. I started following your blog in 2010. We are in Fort Bragg CA. About 100 miles north of Oakland. If you get snagged – or need help with anything, let us know. Craig and Karen (530) 227-3503. Caspar RV Park 14441 Point Cabrillo Dr. UNIT 8, Mendocino, CA 95460.

  4. Iffin your looking to get a glimpse of the famous Sacramento valley growing heartland (just south of Sacramento), to start your southward journey, I can hook you up with a visit to my partner in crime of the infomas ‘Fort Yea’ that I’ve told you about. He and his wife live along side the Sacramento River in a tiny place called Hood, they welcome most all wayward traverlers to their humble home. It would be a worthwhile experience I believe for both parties. Let me know, I’ll give his GPS coordinets and then you guys can wing it from there.

  5. I’m not far from your family, myself. We’re in Redlands, about 20min from Perris. Don’t hesitate to email me if you end up needing anything while you’re in the area.

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