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In the last few days we’ve received a number of private messages and emails, all of them wishing us well on our new adventure. I received one email from my sister Diane, and when I commented to her about how our cycling route is in no way solidified, she replied with, “It’s good that you are resilient and can be flexible.” In my mind, I don’t see any other healthy alternative. What more can we all do but be adaptive, and roll with the punches?

Plans change upon contact. – Matt Thornton*

Yesterday we swung by Steve and Darla’s boat to drop off several bags of clothing that we’re donating, and also several bags of food (and beer). We were also paid a visit by the gentleman who will be looking after our boat while we’re away, to review the systems, etc. Today we plan to do some packing, to ensure that our last remaining bits of stuff will fit into our duffle bags. Yes, things are getting real!


*Perhaps an adaptation of a quote by Helmuth von Moltke the Elder


  1. If y’all get to south Texas, give us a shout, we sure know how plans can change in a heartbeat..

  2. I always say, “Your plan can’t fail if you don’t have a plan.” If you have a general idea of what you want to do, then just do it, it always works out. Keep the rubber side down 🙂

  3. Mike, I loved my months touring the US on a bike. It was physically challenging but got me in touch with myself in ways that have subsequently served me well. When I reflect on that time (mostly lately because of your plans) what I am struck by was how disconnected it was. This was 1992. I don’t really need to say any more, right? We averaged 80 miles a day and I’m a shitty cyclist. That was 8 hours of nothing to do but look at my hands, the horizon, my hands, the horizon and contemplate how the world can be simultaneously f*in boring and endlessly fascinating. I hate beer bottles. That’s not really a sequitur. In a few months, you too will hate beer bottles and the idiots who routinely throw them out windows.

    • No, you needn’t say anymore. We can’t wait to have a similar, but undoubtedly different, experience.

      PS: Don’t throw stuff out of cars, and definitely not at cyclists!

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