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If you are looking to build strength, and to test your stability, using a suspension trainer is a fantastic way to achieve it. Utilizing it on a boat will magnify these components for an even more challenging training session.

As we will be leaving tomorrow to fly to California, I thought I would share this one last aeroSling strength and stability workout that I did on the boat.

Strength and Stability Workout breakdown:

Do each of the exercises for 50 seconds, resting 10 seconds between each. Complete the circuit 4 times.

  • Shoulder Y pull / Overhead squat/calf raise
  • Alligator / Chest press
  • Cross over balance lunge / kick
  • Row / pull
  • Suspended stir the pot / pike

My strength training has taken place in the mornings

Although not as visible as the workouts and exercises that I’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram from my on-shore sessions, I have still typically completed a strength training session every morning on the bow. I hope that my posts have inspired at least a few to seek out ways to stay in shape while enjoying their cruising lifestyles, either on or off their boat.

It is my hope to carry on inspiring active travelers by posting more fitness and fun videos as we continue our travels on our bikes.