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To call my exercise session a ‘sandbag’ workout is really not very accurate since I don’t actually use a bag filled with sand.

Our old dry bags now contain some extra 5/16″ chain that we have on the boat.

This duffel bag, which is filled with line (rope) for our drogue, makes a great substitute for a sandbag as well. Unfortunately, the zipper is seized so I could not open it to show the line. We’ll need to fix this before we have to use our drogue!

We have in our possession a BlackPack which we received along with our new aeroSling Elite from Aerobis. When filled with water, the BlackPack acts as a weighted bag much like a sandbag. The next time we get a big downpour of rain, we will be filling it up and trying it out! I can’t wait!

Our BlackPack waiting to be filled.

The video above shows the exercises that I did during Monday’s workout. A description of the workout is below:

Description of workout:

  • Squat/Step Back Lunge & curl x16 (alternate legs) – 3 sets
  • Push up/1-legged deadlift pyramid (1-8) – 3 sets (Do 1 push up, stand up on one leg and do a deadlift. Go back down for 2 push ups, stand up on the other leg and do another deadlift, Go back down for 3 push ups, etc. until you reach 8 push ups)
  • Curtsy lunge & Row x16 (alternating legs) – 3 sets
  • Squat/Press & Side Knee Tuck x16 (alternate knee tucks) – 3 sets
  • Superset: Double Leg Drops & Single Leg Drops x10 + Crunches x20 – 3 sets

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