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Later today, I will be participating in a Tag Team Sprint Triathlon here in Grenada. Although I competed in a sprint triathlon last year, this time around will be a little different. A sprint triathlon is a shorter version of the race which involves a swim, a bike and a run. This year, not only are the distances even shorter than they were in last year’s race, how you place is based on the combined times of two individuals (a male and a female). The Grenadian Triathlon team will be participating in this event but they were forbidden to team up with one another so as to make it a bit more fair. My partner? I’ll have pics with my team mate once the race has ended.

The following suspension trainer workout was filmed in a lovely spot overlooking Mount Hartman Bay in Grenada. The compound exercises shown in the workout focus on the legs and core and feature the aeroSling Elite suspension trainer:

Leg & core Suspension trainer workout:

  • 5 pulse front squats / 1 knee tuck to side – 10 reps alternating knee tucks
  • 1-legged burpee with push up & knee tuck to side – 10 reps/side
  • 5 pulse squats / 6 alternating balance lunges – 5 reps
  • Suspended push up/pike – 15 reps
  • 1-legged 1/2 squat thrust & cross knee tuck – 15 reps/side
  • Single arm power pulls – 15 reps/side

Complete the above exercises one after the other as a circuit. Rest 30-60 seconds and then repeat for as many sets as your time and fitness level allows.

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