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It’s hard to believe but in exactly one week’s time, Rebecca and I will be on our way to the airport to begin our journey to California, the starting point for our next adventure. Bucking all odds, in the past few days things have just fallen into place. Given how long we’ve been sitting here – only one week short of 6 months – it seems funny to suggest that our escape plan has come together quickly, but it does kind of seem that way.

The law does NOT move quickly!

Even though our lawsuit is far from resolved, we have concluded that our remaining here will do nothing to speed up the process. What it would do though is continue to make us more and more frustrated, and angry. We have people to see, and things to do, and it’s time to get on with our lives. It does seem strange though that we’ll be leaving behind the cruising world, something that has been our lives for the past 7 years.

What of the boat?

While we work on our cycling adventure, our “vacation” from boating, Frost will remain here in Martinique. As mentioned yesterday, we have already removed the canvas, and by the time we leave the country, we’ll have done everything possible to ensure that she remains safe while we are gone. We even purchased brand new, extra-thick mooring lines yesterday, and rigged them with chafe gear! In addition to that, we also hired a gentleman who does gardiennage, and he’ll be visiting the boat twice per week to check up on her, and send us reports.

no sails

Frost is looking a bit naked!

Are we excited?

I’d say all of the above!

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” —Unknown