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In the current conditions the cove that we’re anchored in, White House Bay, is probably the best on the island. It is calm and free from the swell that plaques some of the other bays. Much of the bottom is sand giving the anchor something good to bite into. The water is clear and for those so inclined, there is some interesting reef areas to snorkel. While 10 years ago that might have given the bay 5 out of 5 stars, these days, in order for an anchorage to get top marks, there also needs to be a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Well don’t fear, White House Bay has it!

Just over the hill from where we are anchored is Christophe Harbour, a new development that is under construction. They have been kindly broadcasting a wonderfully fast Wi-Fi signal, unlocked so that the cruisers in the area can pick it up. How cool is that?

An artist’s rendition of the planned development.

Christophe Harbour’s website describes the resort and superyacht-capabable marina that they are building…

A vibrant superyacht marina will be the finest in the Caribbean and the centerpiece of Christophe Harbour. Superyacht berths are now available for purchase, and excavation of the marina is currently underway. Temporary mooring facilities and dock are already in place. Soon, captains and crews will enjoy exceptional services and amenities.

We dinghied around the corner the other day and into the lagoon to find the channel in place and docks as described. A dredge was visible, obviously working to increase the depth of the area for the larger yachts that they’re hoping to attract. Although it’s still likely a ways away from completion, when it’s done the development will be a huge win for St. Kitts boating. And this is apparently not the only construction that is taking place on the island either. Our new friend pointed out several others as we made our way to the Hash last Saturday. With tourism now St. Kitts’ number one industry, it’s nice to see this kind of growth in this great vacation destination.


  1. Hmm … looking at the video makes me think I will likely not be the kind of boater welcomed in St. Kitt’s future. Or maybe I’m just a (serious) lottery win away from being their ideal customer? Wish me luck 🙂

  2. That Boat was HUGE!!
    Imagine trying to single-hand that puppy! 😉

  3. I guess I’ll need to sell a few more orders of fries to be able to afford one of those great yachts!!

  4. Thanks but I like it just the way it was…….25 years ago!

  5. We loved St Kitts though sure wish we’d known about White House Bay rather than the rolly Basse Terre anchorage we picked. No WiFi from the boat there either.

    Next time…..

    Thanks Mike & Rebecca!

    Have a Killer Bee for me at Nevis okay?

  6. Mike, Having visited both St. Martin and St. Kitts only briefly (1 day each), what activities are available for cruisers after snorkeling and seeing the sights? Why would anyone stay on Kitts for more than a couple of days?

    • “…after snorkeling and seeing the sights…”

      That, alone, could take a while. How do you define sights? For us, until we’ve hiked every trail and climbed every mountain, we’re not satisfied. As for St. Kitts specifically, we haven’t been here long enough to give a definitive answer. We hope to be able to down the road though.

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