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It seems that just about every night in Georgetown there is a party or event somewhere. On Mondays, last night, there is Rake-n-Scrape at Eddie’s. On Tuesday and Thursday they run Texas Hold-Em Poker at St. Francis Resort. On Friday and Saturday the parties are at Two Turtles and at Fish Fry. On Sundays though, the big party is at Alvin’s Sandbar on Hamburger Beach where an awesome jam session takes place. Cruisers are encouraged to bring instruments along and jump in to play. Although we have attended the event just about every week that we’ve been here, last Sunday was the first time that I have been brave enough to step up on stage. This being the first time that I have sung on a microphone, I am pretty sure I could have done a LOT better. That being said, a good portion of the people there were half in the bag so I’m not sure they cared all that much.

Although I have played a few times around a campfire, this was my first time on stage.

I think I prefer the campfire. 🙂

Even the babies were dancing!

Our friend Josh rockin’ the house.

Josh, Tyler and Louie took over the stage for a song or two.


  1. Ya see why people never leave? Are both feet in the tar now? hahaha!
    And yay for dancing babies!

  2. It brings back wonderful memories. I’ve sung there, too. Great fun.

  3. Dude, you look like you were born there! Wish you had the audio.

    Hey, I see you play the ukelele. I was thinking about learning to play. Which one do you have? How long have you been playing? Was it hard to learn??? Sorry for all the questions.

    It’s good to see the Beckster back in the game too. 🙂

    All the best,

    • The uke was a gift from my good friend Adam, just before we set out cruising (so that is how long I’ve been playing). It is a Washburn “Oscar Schmidt” Aloha, if that means anything to you (it really doesn’t to me as I know nothing about brands of ukes). As for learning to play, I don’t think it’s all that hard to learn, especially with the amount of info on youtube, and the web in general.

  4. Wow! Sounds like there’s always a reason to stay a little longer. I see why people drag their feet once they get there! Where’s the video? =)

  5. Sorry I missed your debut! I was busy waxin’ my snow shovel.
    Keep us posted on the CD release party.

  6. Well, if I ever get down that far, I have a variety of instruments to abuse! Looks as though everyone was having fun. In fact, it sort of looks like our family reunions! Enjoy!

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