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When you visit a spot like the Galapagos, which is, for many people, a once-in-a-lifetime destination, it’s easy to put computer stuff on the back burner in favor of exploring what the islands have to offer. On most mornings we were up early, either sailing to a new port, or taking part in an organized tour. This explains the lack of blog posts. You forgive us, right? 😉

On our last night onboard Two Fish, before we headed to shore for dinner, Jason, Gail, Rebecca and I gathered in Two Fish’s salon to watch a slideshow of images that we compiled from our time together. It was amazing even for us to reminisce about all that we had experienced together. The Panama Canal, for example, seems so long ago. The following video, recorded on a GoPro and edited by Jason, let’s you travel the canal with us, at 20x the speed. Such great memories. I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we do.



  1. Thanks for always sharing your adventures!!!!

  2. The Panama Canal and the Galapagos … why would you blog every day?! Cool video, and looking forward to catching up with you on your trip! That picture of you two on this post is pretty awesome too! Glad all worked out well after the abrupt job ending … sounds like life is much better without it. =)

  3. Forgive you… we owe you… As always, very photogenic guys

  4. So tell me Mike, who is driving and steering the boats when they a rated up?

    • The middle boat, primarily, although when dealing with the significant forces caused by the water entering our leaving the chambers, we occasionally used the outside engine to help rotate the raft.

  5. That was a great sequence. I was fully immersed. Rebecca was the hard working star of that movie 😉
    Thank you.

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