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The Galapagos Islands are renown for their wildlife, much of which exists offshore, below the water’s surface. Some may feel that you need to SCUBA dive to experience this but we found that a sufficient amount was available to us with a simple snorkel, mask and fins.


  1. So so cool!!! Know you had a wonderful time!!

  2. Wow, all of that with snorkeling?! Awesome!

    • We did go to one pretty famous spot that would have been better for divers. That said, our friend who did dive there said he preferred the snorkeling spots we went to.

  3. What were the water temps like? Visibility?

    Enjoy the adventure!

    • The temperature and visibility varied. At Kicker Rock we all felt that it was very cold (needed a wetsuit) and the vis was bad. In the shallow bay on Santa Fe island, it was much warmer and the vis was significantly better.

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