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While our friends back in Canada and the US are dreaming of spring time, supported by both the snow piles melting away and the emergence of green grass and flowers, we are experiencing our own set of weather changes.

Winter in Canada occurs at the same time as the dry season in the Caribbean. This is the time of year when most tourists visit the islands, and our rain catching buckets see little moisture. The summer season here is quite the opposite. Seldom a day goes by without at least a few minutes of rain and in certain cases, it’ll rain all day. This is great news for laundry, showers and keeping the boat free of salt. It’s not so good for tourists.

While perhaps brought on only by a weather front effecting the area and not the actual end of the dry season, we’ve had more rain in the past three days than we’ve had in the past three months. As I said, that’s good for decreasing the size of our laundry pile but not so good for exploring the island. We do hope to get off the boat today though. We made one small attempt at going to shore yesterday but after tying our dinghy to the town dock, the nasty surge in the area made us reconsider and return home. Maybe today will be better. We are still planning on hiking to the top of Nevis Peak tomorrow, and hopefully our friend Aeneas will be able to come here to join us.

20 gallons of water collected from last night’s rain.

For those who buy into the doom and gloom that the forecasters like to peddle, here is another typical report of a stronger than normal H-season. For the record, I don’t buy it. This is simply a case of negative news sells! Have you ever heard them call for a less active storm season? No? I didn’t think so.

Even on squally days like yesterday, when the cruise ships are in port,
the day charter cats are busy with guests.


  1. Question time! With your new, “still in the air” jobs, how will you cruise? You will be charter captains during cruising season November-June, and will be with your boat from June to October. Will you stay in Grenada for a Third time, or will you head and find new cruising grounds? Because as a hopeful future cruiser, though I still am a child and that is a long way out, I know I will have to work while I cruise. What-ever it be, I know I will have to work from time to time to replenish the kitty.


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